Starting a Bicycle Club 101

Starting a Bicycle Club 101

Starting a bike club is a fun way to find others that love to go biking. Do you want to be responsible for launching a bike club yourself? Then look no further. This article will let you know about a few things that you’ll have to know and think about before you print custom shirts and print bundles of fliers. Here are some things you’ll need to consider if you want to start a bike club.

Are There People That You Already Know Will Join Your Bike Club?

If you’re already part of a group that goes on bike rides with each other, then you should have them join your club as the first members. When you start up your bike club, it’s essential to spread its existence through word of mouth. Try and invite your family, friends, or even strangers that you see with a bike to join your club. When you’re adding more members to your club, you should consider being an event’s sponsor, protection for liability, having members participate more, and more routes to ride. If you don’t have anyone at all to join you as the first members of your club, go to a local bike shop and advertise a ride that you organized. You have to do all you can do so that your bike club garners interest, such as presenting fun activities and organizing trips that you sponsor.

What Is The Purpose Of Your Bike Club?

Ensure that your bike club has a purpose that is clear and defined as soon as you start it. Write a mission statement for your club. Let the members of your club know it so that they have an idea of what they’re trying to do in the club and what they should expect. You shouldn’t fret about by-laws when you’re just starting up your club. You’ll have the time you need if you want to polish and tweak later on.

Do You Have A Regular Ride Planned Out?

If you want your members to stay, you’ll need to have a bike ride scheduled to happen regularly. The regular ride is what has to be the part of your club that is the most predictable. Plan a ride that happens on the same route and at the same time as usual frequently. An excellent idea is having a club meeting after the regular ride ends. The regular ride will hopefully keep members interested in the club even if there are uninteresting parts they have to take part in.

Does The Club Have Any Sponsors?

If your club requires financial aid, then sponsors are the way to go. Generating revenue by having local businesses sponsor your club is a great way to fund club necessities. Although, you should know that your club has a significantly lower chance of being sponsored if your club doesn’t have any community outreach. You should organize your finances carefully. Once you do, you can speak to an accountant and see how your club’s funds will be affected by having a sponsorship.