The Bicycle Shop: A Guide to Choose the Best Bike

Introduction to "The Bicycle Shop: A Guide to Choose the Best Bike"

Bicycle still becomes a popular transportation because it is very flexible and easy to ride. Bicycle or simply called bike is a friendly-environment transportation that can save our world from pollution. Many people buy a bike for commuting, but some of the people buy bikes for fun activities and hobby. Somehow, you can buy some types of the bicycle according to your needs. There are a few types of bicycle available for sale today such as mountain bike, racing bike, hybrid bike, cruiser bike, city bike, BMX bike, gas powered bicycle, 4 stroke motorized bicycle, and a folding bicycle. You can buy all of these bikes from the bicycle nearby. You buy the best road bike under 500 or buy the best hybrid bike under 500 that can help you do daily activities. Anyway, why do you need to purchase a bike from the bicycle shop and how to buy a bicycle from the bicycle shop?

Reasons for Buying a Bicycle from the Bicycle Shop

Of course, before you buy a bike, it is important why do you need such a bike. As you know that there are some types of bicycles to choose from. Here are a few reasons why you may need to buy a bike from the bicycle shop nearby.

Bike for daily activity

If you want to support your daily activity, it seems that you need to buy a city bike from the bicycle shop. The city bike is suitable for women who want to ride a simple way. With this bike, you can just go outside your house or go to the grocery for shopping. For men, you may choose the best hybrid bike under 500 that also belongs to a bike for daily activity. You can commute by riding this bike such as going to the office, campus, and others. In addition, this type of bike is relatively flexible, lightweight, and easy to maintain.

Bikes for Exercises

If you want to bike a bicycle that is suitable for exercise, then you may choose a racing bike. The racing bike has a different style and it is more powerful than conventional bikes. In addition to a racing bike, you can also choose a mountain bike. Mountain bike has an ergonomic and simple design with lightweight construction. Though it is relatively lightweight, the construction is a very strong construction. So, this bike can run in any terrain.

Bikes for Hobby

Some of the bike lovers buy bikes from the bicycle shop because they like to ride it and is only for hobby and lifestyle. If you want to show off your action, then you may choose BMX bike. A BMX bike is a small bike that is suitable for a hobby. You may also choose 4 stroke motorized bicycle and gas powered bicycle that uses an engine for an option. It is all about the hobby and BMX bike basically has simple and low profile design. Meanwhile, if you choose a gas-powered bike or motorize bike, it is all about modernity.

Bikes for Traveling

You just need a flexible bike if you really like traveling. There is a special bike to buy from the bicycle shop called folding bike which is suitable for traveling. You can just ride the bike or you can fold it when you do not want to ride it. In addition, this bike is also good for a small garage so it will save some space. You can also choose other types of bikes for traveling like a road bike which has a futuristic concept with full features.

Bikes for Training

There are also bikes which are specifically designed for kids or toddlers. These bikes have a small design and look so cute. Instead of buying adult bikes, you may also buy bikes for your kids. This bike is used for training. Kids who want to learn to ride a bike, they can ride this training bikes. These bikes also have additional wheels to help the riders keep balanced while pedaling the bikes.

Tips for Buying Best Bikes from the Bicycle Shop

If you want to buy a bike, you actually just go to the bicycle shop in your town. There are so many bike shop nearby, but you have no idea which one to choose. In fact, there are a few things to consider before you really buy a bike from the bicycle shop around your location. Read these following tips for buying the best bikes according to your wishes.

Choose the Bike Type

What types of bike do you want to buy from the bicycle shop? As it is mentioned, there are a few types of bicycle available for sale. Of course, it is your decision to buy one or two bikes at the same time. But, if you have a limited budget, then you can choose the most important one. For example, if you want to ride a bike for commuting, then it is better to purchase a city bike or a hybrid bike. Or if you like traveling, you can buy a mountain bike and a folding bike. For style, you can buy a BMX bike. It is all up to you. You can even buy the entire bike types. Moreover, it is also important to consider the terrain where you will ride it. Some bikes are only suitable for any terrain, but the other bikes may only be suitable for city road.

Choose the Best Shop

Buying a bike from the bicycle shop can be very difficult because you do not know the best bike shop nearby. Actually, there are several things to do if you want to find the best bicycle shop in your town. For instance, you can ask your friend or sibling who has just bought a bike, so they will recommend you. Or you can also explore the bicycle shop nearby one by one. You can ask the seller the type of bike you want and everything you want to know about the bike. If the bicycle shop has a website, then you may visit their official website and find some customers’ reviews on the internet. Basically, there are a few ways to buy bikes such as buying it from dealer direct (online), online retailer, local shop, and eBay.

Check the Product Originality

Once you find the bicycle shop that offers the best product, then you also have to check the originality. It is important to know if the bike is manufactured by the official manufacturer or it is just a fake bike. If you choose the wrong bike shop, the bicycle shop may sell bad products. At first glance, you may not notice that the bike is fake, but you will find it out after you use it for several days or weeks. So, you have to think twice before buying a bike from the bicycle shop that is not so popular enough. It is better if you check the product on the internet before making a purchase to know about the condition and quality.

Check the Specification and the Construction

Every bike has its own specification that you can check it on the product detail. If you buy from the bicycle shop online, then you can read it clearly about the spec. But, it is better to buy it from a physical bike shop so you can check it manually. You can see the construction directly and then make sure that it is suitable for the needs. A good bike must have strong construction, but it is relatively lightweight. In a certain case, you can only get this feature when you purchase it from the official bike shop.

Choose Your Favorite Brand

The most important thing to consider when buying a bike from the bicycle shop is to select the brand. Every biker has their own favorite bike brands. There are hundreds of bike brands that you can choose, but make sure that you select the popular one. Some of the popular bike brands are Giant Bicycle, Scott, Cannondale, Polygon, Bianchi, GT bike, Merida, Fuji bike, Pinarello, Santa Cruz, Kona, and much more. Well, it also becomes your decision to determine the brand for the bike you want to purchase. Every brand has their own product quality, and basically, they are made from the same material with different design and construction.

Consider the Design and Color

What kind of bicycle do you want to have and what color do you prefer? Perhaps, design and color are two things that you may decide without asking anybody. In this case, you can pick the best bike design according to your wishes. Not only that, but you can also choose the color as you wish. Though it is not a too important aspect when buying a bike from the bicycle shop, you may still consider it.

Try Before Making a Purchase

Can you try to ride the bike that you want to buy? Of course, if you buy it from the bicycle shop nearby or if you visit the bike shop directly, then you have a chance to try the bike before making the purchase. If it is possible, you can take a ride to know comfort. You can pay attention to several things during the trial. For instance, you can check the pedal whether it is too heavy when you move it or not. You can also consider the handlebar to know if it is comfortable on your hand. Not only that, but you also need to check the suspension, the weigh, and the seating. After you make sure that it suits you, then you can just make the purchase.

Consider the Price

How much money do you have to buy a bike from the bicycle shop nearby? Anyway, bikes may come with various price options. You can buy the cheapest one or the most expensive one. Of course, the expensive bike is much better than the cheap one. So, this can be a big decision to choose the best bike according to the budget. Each bike type also has its own price. In fact, you can actually buy the best road bike under 500 if you have a low budget. If you prefer modified bikes, then you may choose gas powered bike or 4 strokes motorize bike as the most modern and futuristic bicycle in this era. Anyway, it is all up to you whether you prefer the cheap one or the expensive one. As long as you choose the correct type of bike according to its function, riding a bike always becomes a fun activity.

Consider the Product Warranty

Every bike product always has a product warranty in which the manufacturer provides it for the buyer. The manufacturer and the seller do not want to make buyers feel disappointed with the product. So, they offer a product warranty. In this case, if you buy a bike from the bicycle shop, then you may return and replace the bike with the new one just in case there is a flaw or damage due to production. Therefore, it is really important to choose the right bike manufactured by the popular brand.

Discount is Great Option

Do you want to save money when buying a bike from the bicycle shop? Well, you may bargain the price, but it is not always successful. In fact, you still have a chance to get a discount from the seller. Though the discount is not always available, you can still wait for it. You may also find some official discount online if you prefer to buy a bike online.


In conclusion, those are a few reasons why you need to buy a bike from the bicycle shop and several tips to consider before you buy your favorite bike. Anyway, buying the best bike to support your activity is not that difficult as long as you entrust it to the right seller. You have to find the best seller that provides a wide variety of bikes according to your wishes. You can buy a road bike, hybrid bike, electric bike, BMX, mountain bike, and many other bikes. Nowadays, 4 strokes motorized bike is available for sale from the bicycle shop or you can also buy a gas-powered bike that becomes a trend recently.