Barksdale AFB MTB Trail

Trail Information:

There are two loops on this trail: one is 7 miles long, and the other is 3 miles long. It's mostly a nice, narrow trail with a few challenging hills. This trail is great for both beginners and experienced riders to practice their skills and speed. It's a really nice trail and it's worth the effort to get onto the base to ride it. People usually gather at the gate and enter the trail together for group rides.


You can find this trail on the East Reservation of Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City. To get onto the base and access the trail, you need someone with base access to sign you in at the guard gate. You'll also need to show proof of insurance, your driver's license, and your vehicle's registration. If you don't have someone to escort you, you won't be allowed onto the base. Despite the process, it's worth it to experience this great trail. Group rides usually start by meeting at the gate and entering together.

Bodcau Recreation Area

Trail Description:

This trail, originally meant for hiking and enjoying nature, has been revamped to offer some of the best single track experiences for mountain bikers in Louisiana. Covering approximately 7 miles, it boasts some of the longest and fastest downhill sections in the state. It's perfect for those seeking the thrill of riding down big hills without leaving Louisiana. Be prepared for an intense workout as it will definitely get your heart pumping. Many top Louisiana mountain biking racers use this trail as their secret training ground, often placing in the top 3 in races in Texas and Arkansas. Riding one lap here is equivalent to riding an 11-mile lap at Ruston.


To get here from I-20, take the Haughton/Fillmore/Hwy 157 exit and head north for about 10 miles. Then, turn right onto Bodcau Dam Road (just follow the signs). After passing the fire tower, take a left turn. Look for a big sign-in sign where you'll need to fill out a card—it's free! The trailhead is on the left where the road forks.

Official Trail Liaison:

The trail liaison for Bodcau is Gary Rainwater. If you encounter any issues with trail maintenance, feel free to contact him. If you contribute to trail maintenance, please send him an email with your name, date, and the number of hours you worked. This helps maintain a log that the Army Corps of Engineers uses.

Caney Lake (Minden, La)

Trail Information:

This trail takes you through lush vegetation along a single track, offering a scenic ride. It's divided into three loops. The eastern loop is quite challenging and suitable for advanced to expert riders. The middle loop is faster and more suitable for intermediate riders. The nature trail loop, about 6 miles long, encircles the lake and is suitable for riders with low to intermediate skills.

For beginners, there's the Sugar Cane Trail, a fun and less technical 4.5-mile loop around the upper lake. The other two trails, Kona’s Run and The Lost Woman, are more intermediate to advanced with some challenging sections.


From I-20 East, head towards Minden and continue north through town. Turn right (east) at the main boulevard, passing the courthouse on your left. After a few blocks, watch for a small sign directing you to turn left onto Lewisville Rd. (159). Follow Lewisville Rd. north for about 4.5 miles, then turn west onto Parish Road 111. Drive 2.3 miles and you'll see the park entrance on your left. The pay booth has a map of the trailhead. Alternatively, if you park at the boat launch, you'll find bathrooms there.


There's a $3 entry fee per car, payable in cash only.

Lake Claiborne State Park

Trail Information:

Right now, the trail is about 6 miles long one way, making for a 12-mile round trip. They're adding more trail soon! It's a really fun ride, so you should definitely try it out. It's not super easy though, more like medium to hard difficulty. The trail goes through hilly and rocky areas with lots of twists and turns, some parts are really tricky and steep (kind of scary!), but there are also smooth sections and some fun downhill parts. You'll have to pedal hard uphill in a few places too. The trail is well taken care of and easy to follow. Not enough people are riding it yet, but once more people do, it'll be even better.

Entrance Fee:

If you're driving in with up to 4 people, it's $2.00. If there are more than 4 people, it's an extra $0.50 for each additional person.

Directions From Shreveport:

Drive east on I-20 and take exit 49. Then, go north for about three miles until you reach Hwy 79. Keep going north on Hwy 79 for about 20 miles until you get to Homer, Louisiana. From there, follow the signs for Lake Claiborne State Park or Hwy 146 for about 12 miles. If you're coming from Ruston, take Hwy 167 north for three miles until you reach Vienna. Then, go west on Hwy 146 for 20 miles. There are signs along the way. Once you're in the park, you can park right there – the trail starts on the right side.

Stoner Mountain Bike Park

Trail Information:

This cool trail system is in Shreveport, between Clyde Fant Parkway and the Red River. It's like a bunch of trails all connected, stretching about 4 miles from Stoner Ave Boat Launch to Hammel’s Park. In total, you can explore around 12 miles of trails. You could do a quick 30-minute ride or spend hours checking out all the trails. There are three main trails marked with red, yellow, and green.


The park is at Stoner Ave Boat Launch where Stoner Ave and Clyde Fant Pkwy meet, just south of downtown. It's close to the Shreveport casinos, about a mile and a half away, and you can hop onto the trail from different points along the Clyde Fant Pkwy jogging path.