Why an All-Women Bicycle Club is The Answer

Why an All-Women Bicycle Club is The Answer

Cycling clubs are all the rage in the cycling community. People of any age and talent level join together to create a club of the sort that is dedicated solely to bicycling. However, recently, there has been an advance in the creation of all-female bicycling clubs. This is due to the rising level of women participating in the sport itself. Once, bicycling was considered to be a male-dominant sport. It featured hardcore races as well as competitions and tournaments that were supposed to be too hard for women to fight on equal ground. However, since women have slowly been incorporated into the sport, there are many more clubs being formed. Recently the number of all-female clubs have increased dramatically, this is due to many female players, wishing to be in friendly and less threatening environments, and also to join a group that fits their skill level as well as making them feel invited.

The rise of all-female groups

Unlike the olden times, where there were only traditional clubs that included both men and women, the numbers of all-female clubs continue to rise. Now, instead of looking all over for a club to join, a person can quickly look up one of the many all-female bicycling clubs and immediately join their ranks. Women who are also cyclists tend to look for environments that they are comfortable in, the same could be said about male cyclists as well. However, women tend to seek out all women cycling clubs, due to the simple fact that they prefer, leisurely and calm rides to the usually high-stress situations in a competitive environment. Many have confirmed that they do feel comfortable in a more female-oriented club, as they are more comfortable and are less likely to feel pressured by a more male-dominated club that is dedicated to the racing aspect of bicycling.

Benefits to all-female groups

Not only does joining an all-female bicycling club help you calm down and take a different perspective on the sport, but it can also act as a way to socialize. In a co-ed club or an all males club, it is more likely that each individual is focused on the racing aspect of bicycling. Therefore making it less likely that bonds and friendship take place. However, it is a different story in an all-female club, as each person is at their own level and the take on the sport itself, is more calm and friendly. Which means that you are more likely to make friends in such an environment. Studies also show that when women in bicycling clubs are very busy, especially those who manage their own careers and have their own families. Joining a laid back club, that gives you a chance to relax is an environment that is highly friendly to women, therefore boosting the attendance rates as well as resulting in less stress in total. Male clubs are known to last longer times, due to the focus on the racing aspect of cycling. However, female clubs are different and are more flexible for a busy schedule.